Test Automation — QA Dashboard by Abhishek Jain

Being in IT industry, I always believe in start building rather waiting for best idea to come in mind that can disrupt the market. I have still not got participant who wants to contribute to my idea so thought to take it forward all alone in my free time. Since…

NLTK — Error Analysis Approach for identifying additional features

In my previous blog Machine Learning — Gender Identifier with NLTK in less than 15 lines of code, we have seen how to build machine learning model to identify the Gender for any given name & ended that blog by mentioning that following points to be covered in the next…

Abhishek Jain

BlockChain Evangelist & Enthusiast with 13 years of experience as Software Test Automation Architect - https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhishek-jain-31a72133/

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