Can we remove Testing Phase from Software Development LifeCycle?

Abhishek Jain
2 min readNov 16, 2019

Being a QA, I always loved to be in the position where I have opportunity to break application or software which was developed by group of geniuses & we mostly call them Developers or Architects. I tried to start thinking — What are the fundamental root causes of having issues or bugs or errors in our application. I could not think much as No human being worked as developer wants to have faulty code until he wants to be hacker to put that faulty code intentionally to break the code so he can hack the user system… Just kidding but here is my 5 best take why developer unintentionally make faulty code (I may be wrong so please put the comment wherever you have different opinion) -

  1. Lack of Domain Knowledge within Developer community
  2. Inclination towards gaining more technical knowledge than knowing usage of software from end user perspective
  3. Trying to write code with unnecessarily complicated design patterns or architecture to leave impression on colleagues
  4. Known fact to developers of Testing phase (In my opinion, Let developer know form day one there is no testing phase so be cautious what you write)
  5. Adoption of Agile methodology causing to setup a new trends to think about specific feature during sprint rather think complete application as a whole (Because no one wants their story to drag to next sprint so do it quickly)

There can be more reason as well which I have not come across so far. However, I am really looking for those who can participate with me in find out the way how can we make testing out of software development life cycle. Saying we have Testing life cycle meaning we are not confident enough in our developers that they will make software error free in very first place. I am very optimistic to define some process or strategy to make this testing completely gone from Software development life cycle….

Stay tune for more detail content on this as I did not find any topic on Google where anyone is even thinking to remove this overburden from software development life cycle….



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