Decentralized Application : Importance of Infrastructure Testing

After spending long hours for 2 years as a Test Architect for one the US based startup who builds product on Ethereum blockchain, I have reached to the point where I have bandwidth to share my experience on some important areas related to Decentralized application (It can be built either Blockchain platform or any Distributed Ledger Technology platform). To start with I have chosen Infrastructure Testing Importance for decentralized application along with How did I create testing strategy along with automating the same. Soon I will be publishing a blog which will answer following questions —

Question1: Why is the setup of infrastructure most critical & important activity to start strategizing blockchain based application testing?

Question2: What all probable challenges do testers face while setting up infrastructure?

Question3: What all solutions do Testers have to overcome with Infrastructure setup?

As blog is under reviewing phase with industry expert & soon it will published on our official website


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Abhishek Jain

BlockChain Evangelist & Enthusiast with 13 years of experience as Software Test Automation Architect -