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Distributed (Distributed Ledger Technology & Blockchain) Application : Built my own Test Management Tool with Integrated Automation framework — Part2 (Added New Features)

Abhishek Jain


Being in IT industry, I always believe in start building rather waiting for best idea to come in mind that can disrupt the market. I have still not got participant who wants to contribute to my idea so thought to take it forward all alone in my free time. Since my last blog, I have added following new features with change in look & feel as well. Here is the summary of the new features those are added (Added four main features with more functionalities under drop down)

  1. Automation feature has new 4 options related to automation like Automation Execution, Automation Configuration, Automation Framework Automation Scripts

2. TestSetup feature has 4 new options related to configuring test or automation environment with existing configured scripts, scenarios, frameworks & tools. As this tools has lot many scripts, frameworks, tools inbuilt to use. However, if there is new scripts, framework, scenarios or tool to be integrate then that can also be done. Those 4 options are BehaviorDrivenDevelopment (In build framework with pre-configured scenarios), TestScenariosConfiguration, Product Mapping & Tool Integration.


3. Advanced Feature has 4 new options like Impact Analyzer, Performance Monitoring, Service Resource Monitoring, Key Metrics

Advanced Feature

4. Advanced Technology has 4 new options that talk about how Artificial Intelligency, Machine Learning , Robotic Automation contributing in software testing

Advanced Technology in Testing

Stay tune for detail on each option for each feature. That would be shared in the next blog as all those options are in working mode.

Stay healthy & innovative.



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