Distributed (Distributed Ledger Technology & Blockchain) Application : Built my own Test Management Tool with Integrated Automation framework

Abhishek Jain
3 min readJul 19, 2020

I was hired to established Testing strategy for some of the most demanding, interesting & hyped technology at our time & those are Distributed Ledger & Blockchain technology. Application built over these 2 technologies require to test almost all functional & nonfunctional aspects which we can think of for any web or desktop or api application . After working for 3 years in the row for same technologies, I have built so many utilities, scripts & frameworks to achieve the automation up to the level where those automation processes are saving lot of time. Testing groups are utilizing saved time to do more explorative testing to break the feature under test. Now I had reached to the point where automation was not the issue for me however to maintain those automation tools, utilities, scripts & frameworks are. Then I started exploring the option to establish test management tool that can help me to not only managing the testing with multiple teams but at the same time provide me easier integration for all of my automation tools, utilities, scripts or frameworks written in various programming & scripting languages. I tried my best to find such tool however I could not. So thought to start building something that can be used by anyone on the ground with very minimal testing background & automation skill. Another important feature I want to have in the tool is — By default it should ensure to complaint testing processes without failure. As I am aware of the fact that Automation engineers never give much importance to testing concepts & never get excited to involve manual testing to gain the adequate knowledge about the feature.

As I am a big fan of web application so I built web application with all those features that I felt should be there to help daily routine testing work without any manual intervention required. Currently it supports

  1. QA Dashboard to summarize testing status at
  • Release Level
  • Sprint Level
  • Bug Level
  1. Testing Coverage Statistics
  • Product Application Mapping Statistics
  • Product Level Test Coverage
  • Application Feature Mapping Statistics
  • Application Level Test Coverage
  1. Automation Coverage
  • Product Functional Automation Statistic
  • Product Non-Functional Automation Statistic
  • Application Functional Automation Statistic
  • Application Non-Functional Automation Statistic

Look & feel for the application in current state — let me start with Login page For QA Innovation

Innovation QA — Login (By Abhishek Jain)

QA Dashboard as landing page on login

Innovation QA — QA Dashboard (By Abhishek Jain)

Automation Execution for all configured automation script from script bank — This feature helps team to ensure that we are covering all kind of probable testing or not. Whatever automation script gets integrated within application is attached to its correct category or not. Please watch this video for demo.

Innovation QA — Automation Execution for all configured automation script (By Abhishek Jain)

Automation Configuration to add new script from bank This feature helps to configure automation script from script bank or new script created by testing team. Based on the information provided that gets mapped to correct feature & made available for execution. Please watch this video for demo.

Currently I am working all alone to build this web application & get time only to work over the weekend. As the complexity is getting increased day by day it has become hard for me to keep the pace to have new features added along with maintaining existing feature. If anyone wants to contribute by getting involved in development then please do drop me an email on my id vardhmanandroid2015@gmail.com

I will be highly grateful for all who will contribute to this. Once I have enough volunteer participant then We will start using source version control tool based on the need.



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