Private BlockChain Implementation on Ethereum — QA strategy (Essential components of private blockchain) — Part 3

In continuation to my last blog where I was not able to cover the essential components of private blockchain platform with their intended functionality, I will not deviate from the topic as most of you will be interested more on this topic as it will actually provide you the insight of private blockchain platform. Before starting that I would recommend to go white paper on Ethereum to understand some of technical jargon. I do understand that going through the link I mentioned is not that interesting but I would suggest to at least search for technical words which you don’t understand in following section.

Why Ethereum is first choice for private BlockChain platform based decentralized application?

Generally, Ethereum is programmable blockchain platform where features of the decentralized application can be programmed based on the specific need. This is the reason Ethereum has been the first choice for designing private blockchain for other industry apart from building cryptocurrencies. Please refer following video link to understand how can Ethereum blockchain platform be installed How to install private Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Components that support BlockChain platform defined guidelines

Additional Components that helps to design private blockchain infrastructure by using Ethereum guidelines & components (Controlling involved infrastructure with proper permission control for various functionalities)

By combining Ethereum Components & Additional Components, A private blockchain can be designed to facilitate interaction between multiple trusted parties (interaction through nodes) by executing codes automatically or on wish of involved parties. There are many more components like key-value storage syncing in Relational database to ease down the data extraction from blockchain data for analysis or reporting….

Stay tuned for next part where I will be covering how those components can be tested with which technology & tools. Also, My plan is to come up with some generic approach or framework to do QA of private blockchain product development within Agile methodology so if anyone has any suggestion or real time experience to share, please feel free to share with me……Keep learning & stay hungry for upcoming transformation…..

BlockChain Evangelist & Enthusiast-Building Generic Automation Framework for BlockChain DApps for Ethereum at Startup

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Originally published at on April 15, 2018.

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